OConor.net was established to help the members of our family keep in touch with one another and events throughout the family and across the country by the use of email and the web.
Naturally, in this high-paced, high-tech age, someone already thought of this.
We soon found out that MyFamily.com already offers a unique service to families, with a free, private place to share and distribute family information on the Web.  So we established a page there with most of the amenities - today - that we had hoped we would someday be able to provide our own family members, now scattered across America.
To login to your MyFamily.com account login here or click on the Coat of Arms to the left.
PLEASE NOTE: MyFamily.com is a secure web site, meaning that you have to have a username and a password to enter. In addition, you need to be able to access the site we've already created, which isn't easy unless you've been specifically "invited" to join the family site. If you need access to the O'Conor site at MyFamily.com, please email Chris O'Conor at opusaug@oconor.net.
Now, notice how we said, "most of the amenities..."?  Well, there are a few services we can provide for you that MyFamily.com cannot.  These include:
  • Your own personalized email address with the domain "oconor.net"
  • Your own webspace at OConor.net
  • A website redirect from an OConor.net address for sites established elsewhere
We can provide these services for free to our immediate relatives, however since they are not free to us, we may ask that you contribute a nominal amount towards the operation of OConor.net.
For more information on OConor.net or any of these services, or to receive an invitation to the secure MyFamily Site please email our webmaster (Chris O'Conor).